A collection of reflective ballads from @mogocopp reveals her conflict with her own sexuality.

1977. Carter enters the Whitehouse and @leilafern enters the charts with a collaboration with post-punk New Wave darlings-Devo

Nate’s second album after his highly regarded debut- “Dollar menu”. This album is a little soul searching and a little soul sapping.

New Musical Express says, “@stebs is the Mandy Moore of 2013. Only not even half as good-looking.”
“Heading Back” tells of the ongoing struggle to mend broken hearts, broken promises and at least one broken shovel. 2.5 Stars.

Step into the way-back machine with roozda. Serving up a taste of glistening Funk with 12 tracks of cream-filled dance jams for you to pull apart and feed to your ears.

Recorded in its entirety at mid-day on Plum Island Beach, with a broken Bongo, a Jew’s Harp and a Steel Drum. It has been hailed as “The poor-man’s Pet Sounds”

Each of the 42 songs on this double album is packed tight with dirty laundry.

Lee’s first album after a four year battle with writer’s block .

A soulful account of Tone’s nearly unbreakable addiction to an arcade classic.

@alliehues crossover album.